How to Describe the Music in Your Head

music in your headYour project is an expression of your individuality and that’s why you need customized music. Using the same “stock music” everyone else is using robs your project of its personality. Sometimes you have the perfect idea of the music you want for your project. We specialise in making that song in your head a reality. Here are some ways to let us “hear your mind”.


Make a simple song

If you have some musical chops, why not record a demo of your idea? Even if you don’t own Pro Tools or another professional digital audio workstation (DAW) there are a ton of free music making apps that can help you create a rough version of your song.


Hum the tune

Anyone can hum the basic tune of a song! Grab the free sound recording app on your phone or laptop and hum to your heart’s content.


Pen the lyrics

There are times when you’ve written the words of the song, probably even the catchy “hook”, and aren’t quite sure where to go from there. Maybe you even have both the lyrics and the melody. Send both!


Write a description

Consider the kind of song you want and describe its characteristics. What genre is it? How long is it? Should it be happy and upbeat or sad and reflective? What instruments would you like? You can even give an example of a sample song that is similar to what you have in mind.


Putting it All Together

The best idea is to combine these four methods to present the best possible representation of your music but if all you have is one of these we’ll do the best to produce the sound of your dreams.

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