How Musical Composition Can Benefit Your Projects

Musical composition is a powerful expression of human emotion and a universal language. Every country and culture has its own music and although music composition may not be for everyone, the listening side of music is enjoyed by almost the entire world.

The all-inclusive nature of music means that as a medium your prospective audience is unlimited. Music has myriad uses from worship and celebration to therapy and it has the potential to improve your latest undertaking and your next enterprise. Here are some ways music can make your project shine.


African tribes traditionally sent messages across long distances with hand drum rhythms. Today you too can communicate with your audience using music. Using tense music during perilous moments, gloomy music for disappointments and upbeat,  exciting music at times of joy and celebration takes your audience on an emotional journey; on the other hand, unexpectedly happy music during a sad scene or vice versa may elicit a bittersweet feeling if done correctly.


Many people, myself included, consider background music to be helpful while studying; most seem to favour Classical music but I’ve tried a variety of genres with success. Music can not only grab people’s attention but also maintain it. Can you think of a scenario in which it would be useful to keep people’s attention? Certainly in the case of a video game, video, or any medium with which you wish to convey a message, particularly advertisements.

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Music is amongst the leading forms of entertainment and with good reason. Not only can music make you laugh or cry, music can also make you dance. A particularly witty song is a great way to make your project memorable and multiplies its shareability on social media.

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