Recording in a Professional Recording Studio

Booking a session in a professional recording studio has several advantages over recording on your own. It gives you the services of an experienced recording engineer and usually has better recording gear than most people would be able to afford for their own home studio. The downside is that this can be a costly endeavor so it’s important to let the process be as smooth as possible. 

Choose a decent studio that you can afford

Professional recording studios are as variable as musicians are and studio choice will impact your music and your pocket. The cheapest, lower end studios will get the job done but make less sense in the long run; it may make better sense to set up your own home studio. On the other hand, the most expensive studios may have non-musical perks (bar, pool table, etc) that you don’t need but will be paying for when you book your session. My best bet would be a mid-range studio with a good balance of equipment and cost.


Go prepared

In a professional recording studio, time is money and the clock starts as you walk through the door. This isn’t the time for songwriting and you should have a good idea of your arrangement already. know what emotional feel and tone you want for each track. If you will be using your own instruments, get them in ideal shape before the session. Getting new guitar strings, sorting out tuning issues and practicing the song until you are comfortable are all important preparation. Don’t forget anything at home!

  • Instruments
  • Tuner
  • Sheet music
  • Drinking water (at room temperature if you will be singing) 


Book only the time you need

I’m assuming you don’t have infinite disposable income. The aim of your studio session is to lay down quality tracks for your song(s). This means you don’t need to book the entire day, only the time it will take to record your tracks. This doesn’t mean you should cut corners and accept poor performances. Critique each take to make sure you leave the studio with what you need or you will either have to settle for a weaker song or have to book another session.

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