Independent Artists and 


The business of music has evolved and independent artists are leading the new movement. A few decades ago, music was limited to a few big recording studios that most people had no access to. Today, anyone with a laptop and a dream can create their own music and market themselves around the world via the Internet.

Steps to a Great Song


Before recording, a song needs to be written, tweaked and arranged effectively for it to be a success.

Songwriting Skills
Arrangement and Instrumentation

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Capturing a great performance either with microphones or by using MIDI is great fun and you get to hear your song idea come to life. Whether you choose to record at home or to book studio time, the quality of the recording will affect your final outcome.

Recording in your Home Studio
Recording in a Pro Studio

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Editing and Mixing

Once you are sure you’ve captured the best performances possible, editing and mixing add a professional sheen to your production. Don’t try to polish a poor recording. If you’re not satisfied with your recordings, go back to the recording phase

Audio Editing
Audio Mixing

twisted pulse mixing

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