Types of Video Game Music

Music is an essential component of a video game and the variety is boundless. Examples of timeless video game music are numerous. Consider the theme song of Super Mario Bros and you will realize how important music can be to a game. I can also personally recommend music from games such as Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana. These have particularly memorable soundtracks from my own childhood.

Other aspects such as graphics, plot, and gameplay are also invaluable however the value of music to a game cannot be discounted. Let’s discuss the types of video game music that have shaped games over time.

Gaming has changed drastically over the years with games becoming increasingly realistic but there are several options to consider when deciding on the best types of video game music for a particular game.

The Chiptune

Early game music was relatively simple and depended on basic synthesizers, giving birth to the Chiptune. (Think of the chirpy sounds of the original NES console.) Despite advances in video game music, the chiptune sound remains strongly associated with what many consider the Golden Age of gaming. This is especially so with recent releases that imitate the “retro” feel of classic gaming consoles. There is even an interesting community dedicated to remixing chiptunes called Overclocked Remix.
Chiptunes are not for every game but they are definitely the choice for retro gaming nostalgia and many other modern games also benefit from synthesized music.

Modern Game Music

Since the advent of modern gaming, video game music has diversified greatly. Modern game music may be anything from majestic orchestral scores to pop music and presently may parallel movie soundtracks in complexity.

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