Using Video Game Music to Make Your Game Stand Out


Video games are one of the most addictive forms ofvideo game music secret of mana entertainment and have an ever-expanding audience. Personally, as a video game enthusiast and music lover, I may be slightly biased but I consider the musical aspect of gaming to be very important. Here are just a few ways video game music can improve your game.

Setting the emotional stage

This is the most obvious purpose for music in a game. Do you want the player to feel excited and be engaged in fast gameplay? Let the music be up tempo. Do you want the player to feel saddened by a game situation? Slower music in a minor key (the Secret of Mana theme song does this well). Epic music can make the player feel the gravity of the quest whereas up tempo wacky music gives the fun vibe.


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Giving game information

Video game music can also make the player aware of aspects of the game situation. Rhythm games may be the best example of this but music has been used for everything from signaling the presence of an enemy to celebratory music at the end of the game. Creativity is the only limiting factor.

Keeping the game in the mind of the player

Having catchy music in your game means that the player video game music chrono triggermay be humming the tune throughout the day and this means they will be constantly thinking about your game. I still have fond memories of melodies from games like Chrono Trigger haunting me when I was at school, reminding me to play them as soon as I got home. I can still hum tunes from all my favorite games to this day. Don’t underestimate the power this can have on the popularity of your game.


  Types of Game Music  

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