Harnessing the Power of Music for Your Video 

So you have recorded your video and need an accompanying soundtrack. Most people have watched enough television and movies to know that the options for background music for videos are almost endless but there are clearly recurring themes.

Television and background music for videos


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Background Music for Videos in the Information Age

The average American watches about 5 hours of television each day and media consumption on mobile devices is on the rise. YouTube and similar video-sharing websites are very popular and videos are being shared through social media at an alarming rate. Videos have never been so accessible to everyone.

Imagine Lord of the Rings or your favorite epic film without the awesome music. Or your favorite sitcoms with no theme song to sing or dance along with. I remember being in a nightclub once when the deejay decided to play a series of sitcom themes. The patrons sang along happily without even missing a beat. The fact is that music is a crucial part of most of the media we consume daily. Let’s face it. Without music, James Bond would be less badass and cartoons would be less funny. Music is a powerful tool and if utilized in the right way it can add immense value to your video.

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