About Twisted Pulse

Twisted Pulse is where creative artists, musicians, and business owners can find expert advice and assistance with music. Our goal is to help you get better results with music for your projects or business. 


Hire a team with years of combined musical experience

Music is an integral part of human life and has been prominent in every culture known to have existed. Even without words, music speaks to the heart. I’ve had a knack for music since childhood and my musical ear has led me on a musical journey that ended up with me forming Twisted Pulse.


I’ve formed this business so I can share my musical talents with you! 


My personal music adventures have included composing ringtones for schoolmates in high school and entering a marketing competition which put some of my jingles on national television. I’ve also sung in my church choir and am self-taught on the guitar (I borrowed my father’s guitar and took it from there). I’ve made many friends through music and they furnish me with ideas, critiques, jam sessions and performances as much as I need. I took up freelance music production online with great success and many satisfied customers so I’ve formed this business so I can share my musical talents with you!

  • Mainstream genres including pop, rock, alternative, country and hip hop
  • Intricate, exotic genres such as jazz, reggae, dancehall and soca
  • I will cater to projects of any size, small or large







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