Let’s Make Your Music Speak

Great composition and mixing will improve your project. Trust us.


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Get More Music Out to Your Fans

You’re an independent artist and you’ve written some great songs and want to get them out there. We support your musical dreams.

 icon-fast-forward Let us build your unique instrumental backing track so you can focus on the songwriting and singing

 icon-fast-forward We specialize in Caribbean music genres such as reggae, dancehall, soca, calypso and ska

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 icon-play Let us mix your tracks so that they represent your musical style in the best way possible

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Give Your Project a Voice

Music can be an integral part of any business venture and unique music, tailor-made to your needs can make you stand out from your competition. Some great examples of music helping your brand meet your business goals include:

 icon-adjust A theme song for your brand or product
 icon-adn Intro or outro music for podcasts
 icon-align-justify Background music for videos such as marketing materials or movies
 icon-align-right Music integral to electronic products such as software, apps or games

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